Movie chatter

Last night I saw Maleficent with my parents as a “Happy Father’s Day!” kind of thing. There was a family sitting behind us and the young kids were pretty talkative. Most of their whispering fit the movie like “ooooh!” and “oh my gosh!”, but a few of their comments just bothered me. And I don’t blame the kids, I blame the culture that has raised them.

**there are movie spoilers**

Near the end of the movie, to awake Aurora from her slumber, the fairy aunties bring Phillip, the prince that seems to fancy her. The fairies urge “kiss her!” to Phillip, while he takes his time peering into her face and asking questions. The kids behind me, as impatient as the fairies, also eagerly whispered “kiss her!”. Phillip’s kiss has no effect on Aurora and the fairies escort him out the door, determined to find another prince who will be Aurora’s true love.

As they leave the room, Maleficent unhides herself and speaks softly to Aurora. She apologizes for cursing her and admits how fond she had become of her, now to lose her forever. Meanwhile, a boy behind me whispered “kiss her!” jokingly, only to be shushed by his brothers with an “ew, that’s disgusting!”. A few seconds later, Maleficent does indeed kiss Aurora — on the forehead — and as she turns away, the girl is revived. The duo makes a plan to escape the castle, and as they are sneaking about, the boys behind me whispered something about lesbians — I think it was along the lines of “there’s the lesbian couple!”, matched with laughs and “ew”s from the siblings.

This kind of talk is typical for a lot of people. I wasn’t surprised so much as disappointed. I don’t like that the young people of our world are growing up with this mindset. I don’t like what society and family are placing upon a person, but that’s my view. And I am fully aware that other people believe the opposite. I just don’t think it’s right that some people’s opinions interfere with others’ liberties and dignities. I didn’t lose sleep thinking about what I overheard. I just thought it was worth noting that there’s a reason people like me are in the closet.

This is why.


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