Condemning Conversion Therapy

Why anyone would believe that conversion therapy is a rational method of handling confusion about sexual orientation is beyond me.

Not only do people recently realizing that they are LGBT face tremendous internal questioning and frustration, but adding some sort of so-called “medical treatment” is both humiliating and detrimental. Posing further interrogation and embarrassment creates unwanted unsureness, lack of confidence and isolation.

It’s hard enough to come out as LGBT — being thrown into agonizing self-evaluation and self-hate is only harmful to LGBT people, not at all therapeutic. According to the Human Rights Campaign, conversion therapy is so inhibiting to LGBT people that it creates risks including “depression, decreased self-esteem, substance abuse, homelessness, and suicidal behavior.”

I cannot even begin to fathom what some people think is so wrong about loving a person who has similar genitalia. I do not understand what makes it such a big deal.


Check out the rest of the Human Rights Campaign’s article here.


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