To The Fosters

Dear ABC Family,

Thank you for the series The Fosters. I love it. I love watching it. It makes me feel normal.

I don’t say “normal” in a self-pity kind of way — not at all. I say it in a wow-really-great-job-with-this-program type of way.

It’s so bold and so truthful. I love the truth. I love this show.

It’s setting an example. It’s proving something. I love it.

How ‘Glee’ had me stumped about sexuality

FOX’s show Glee made me second-guess myself for quite a while.

There’s a scene in one of the earlier episodes where the character Kurt is telling Sue something about him being gay. (I can’t find an online video or script for context). Sue says something like, “Well have you kissed a boy? Have you kissed a girl?” Kurt says no to both. “You’re not gay, you’re just pathetic.”

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