Flash forward, kind of

Apparently I dream about my sexual orientation quite frequently, as this blog has several of my accounts from past slumbers.

I took a nap today, and I had a dream where my mom referenced something about my being bisexual (which I’m not), and how it was perfectly find that I also liked girls. But I remember being kind of confused and even a little irritated that she thought I liked boys and girls, when really it’s only girls. (This is not something I’d be so concerned about in real life, seeing as she said it was okay to be bisexual, but you can’t control your dream self’s feelings).

I woke up a couple hours later confused (ha). I quickly distinguished between dream and reality, but it’s good to know what’s coming, kind of.


Empowering songs

I came across a couple songs today that I just can’t get out of my head. So I thought I’d leave them here to share them with everyone!

“Boys in the Street” by Everyone Is Gay. Tom Hanks tweeted this link today, calling it “a perfect song”. I agree.

“Everyone Is Gay” by A Great Big World. I love every lyric and the entire video.

The Q word

I’ve recently been reading a lot about sexuality. Not just one sexuality, not even just my own sexuality — all sexualities. Or at least, all that I can find definitions of and information about.

And through this I’ve found that I’m using the wrong terminology in my posts. I’ve been using “LGBT” and “gay and lesbian” to describe a community of people that encompasses more than just lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. I’ve decided to use the umbrella term “queer” to refer to the entire community instead. It encompasses everyone, regardless of whether or not their sexuality corresponds with the letters L, G, B or T.