Dream turned nightmare

A couple of nights ago I had a dream involving my old crush. It really shouldn’t have had anything to do with her, so I’m not sure why it did, but her character in my dream kind of made me laugh when I woke up.

In real life, I went to bed thinking about what time I’d be waking up the next morning to go on a Starbucks run to get something for my friend for her birthday that day. I fell asleep a little anxious that I would run out of time or get stuck in a long, caffeine-crazed line or trapped in soccer-mom traffic.

So naturally, I dreamed about my fear of disaster.

In my dream, I was driving to Starbucks when my old crush magically hopped into my car. She made us go pick up something for her, or drive back to her house, or something aggravatingly time-consuming of the like. Somehow she ended up in the driver’s seat, but by then we didn’t have time to stop by Starbucks for me to pick up the Mocha Frapp for my friend’s birthday. We arrived to school at 7:21 (for some reason I remember this precisely) — six minutes after the first bell rings. I was beyond upset that she made us late, and I left the car quickly to get in the building as fast as I could. I thought she would be courteous and bring my belongings, but she only brought her own things — not even bothering to bring my phone or wallet.

And sure, this is all a fantasy that went on in my head one night. This suggests nothing about her personality or that I have an incessant need to be on time to school. But I find it simply fantastic that I now associate feelings of disappointment with this person I so reluctantly loved.


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