#5 & #6: The slam poet and Flannel

These two were weird for me, because I outed myself very casually. I grouped them together because they happened in the same night. Actually, within five minutes of each other. Continue reading


#4: The stranger

“Should I do it?” I asked my friend (“The best friend“).

“I…I don’t know if I can answer that for you. I know what I would do, but this is going to affect you. I don’t think I can answer that.”

I thought. And second guessed. And went back and forth. And finally decided.

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#3: The lesbian friend

My friend (the same friend I mentioned in my post “Assurance. Pt II“) and I had a really good time tonight amidst Fourth of July festivities. We drove about 20¬†minutes away to join in on “one of the biggest Independence Day celebrations in the area”. We weren’t as entertained as the phrase¬†might suggest.

We got down to the event and bought some junk food and walked around awhile. Overwhelmed by the conglomeration of people and sweat, we sat in my car for about an hour until the fireworks started. We had a great conversation just about friends and life. I had so many opportunities to say it…but I let all of them pass. And kicked myself for it.

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#2: The gay friend

I needed to come out to someone else. Maybe someone who could relate more clearly. One of my mostly-out gay friends and I have talked about LGBT rights and societal perception quite frequently. We have discussed how disappointing the conservative viewpoint is. We try to be open to differing opinions, acknowledging that some beliefs have supportive reasoning, but we also clearly point out that much of it is arbitrary. She’s one of my most trustworthy friends. Continue reading

#1: The best friend

We were running on a mutual four hours of sleep, figuratively shot after prom festivities. We drove to Panera and indulged in sub par breakfasting for an extended period. We left. I was driving through a nearby neighborhood on the way to her house when she abruptly asked, “Wanna know something you can’t tell anyone?” And proceeded to reveal to me her year-long crush on her close friend. But the way she described it was so familiar — it reminded me of myself and I discreetly began shaking. Continue reading