Supreme Court success

It’s thrilling that the U.S. Supreme Court has made such a monumental decision today involving the denial to review petitions against rulings of three federal appeals courts that ruled in favor of marriage equality. This decision allows same-sex marriage to take place in five additional states, which makes 24 states in total and Washington, D.C.. Six other states are under the jurisdiction of the three federal appeals courts, which suggests that these six states may also follow suit very soon. It’s an exciting day for marriage equality! Same-sex couples can wed in just under 50% of the country, and the other 50% will eventually jump on the bandwagon.


Great Coming Out coverage

This is a must-read. A few years ago The New York Times did a fantastic spread on coming out. I read all these stories in late May/early June and created this blog out of my inspiration from it! Be sure to check out the related article as well!

Empowering songs

I came across a couple songs today that I just can’t get out of my head. So I thought I’d leave them here to share them with everyone!

“Boys in the Street” by Everyone Is Gay. Tom Hanks tweeted this link today, calling it “a perfect song”. I agree.

“Everyone Is Gay” by A Great Big World. I love every lyric and the entire video.

The Q word

I’ve recently been reading a lot about sexuality. Not just one sexuality, not even just my own sexuality — all sexualities. Or at least, all that I can find definitions of and information about.

And through this I’ve found that I’m using the wrong terminology in my posts. I’ve been using “LGBT” and “gay and lesbian” to describe a community of people that encompasses more than just lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. I’ve decided to use the umbrella term “queer” to refer to the entire community instead. It encompasses everyone, regardless of whether or not their sexuality corresponds with the letters L, G, B or T.

Shannon & Seema give me hope

A few weeks ago I posted Dream wedding, crushed. I told my friend (“The lesbian friend”) how upset I was and explained everything, over text.

A few days later she sent me some links to a lesbian-Hindu-Christian wedding. The ladies are Shannon and Seema and they were fortunate enough to find a priest willing to combine the traditions of both families to wed these two women. They both got their dream weddings — Seema a traditional North Indian one, and Shannon a traditional American one, all mixed together.

BuzzFeed documented the story with Shannon’s narration here.

Walking back in

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a friend of mine, “Flannel”. He’s gay, and a week ago we talked about sexuality briefly.

He’s out to all of his friends, his school, but not his family, “obviously,” he said. His main contemplation with coming out revolves around moving into the occupational world in a few years. He’s concerned that he will be denied jobs because he is gay, or get fired if or when employers find out.

He said to me that he’s not sure if he wants to live his adult life openly gay because of this fear.

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