The real sin

My friend pulled up a hilarious SNL favorite¬†called “3-way” featuring Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga with the lyrics “It’s not gay if it’s in a 3-way”. It’s light, it’s funny. Wonderfully entertaining.

“What is this — some gay thing?”

Another kid came up behind us, disapproving of the “gay thing” on the screen, as if it were an uncomfortable sin. And yeah, this kid’s comments really bothered me. But I didn’t say anything, I didn’t get up and leave, because I can’t stop the people who are going to make these comments, and I don’t intend to.

I just intend to one day be comfortable with myself and not care what everyone else thinks.

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Great Coming Out coverage

This is a must-read. A few years ago The New York Times did a fantastic spread on coming out. I read all these stories in late May/early June and created this blog out of my inspiration from it! Be sure to check out the related article as well!


Sorry to be off the radar for so long. Didn’t have much to say.

But now I do again. It’ll take some explanation:

My sister has always known that I’m a strong supporter of LGBT (or as I now refer to as queer) rights. She knows I’ve never dated any boys and she’s probably a little skeptical seeing that I’m 17 and haven’t shown much interest in dating (boys). She’s smart enough to be questioning about me.

I have a feeling that she knows that the background on my phone is of my celebrity (woman) crush. I have a feeling that she’s seen it when I’ve carelessly flaunted my phone in front of her and that she acknowledged and registered what it meant. I know this because she didn’t ask me about it.

I know she won’t be surprised to find out that I’m gay, but it’s still so unsettling to come out — to anyone. I’m reading an autobiography where the writer is a mostly-closeted lesbian coming out to her brother. Her brother gets kind of upset when she tells him — he supports her fully and loves her nonetheless, but he’s mad that she didn’t tell him sooner, afraid and assuming that he’d be a close-minded bigot unwilling to accept his own sister. I know my sister won’t be confusingly angry about it, so I’m not worried about that. If anything, reading that part of the book last night gave me a little bit of an extra push, extra confidence.

The only hesitance I have with telling my sister is that she is the type of daughter to say, “You should tell Mom and Dad. They won’t care and they’ll be really great about it.” Her relationship with our parents is very different from mine. I’m honestly not as close to them as she is — I don’t tell them the gossip among my friends like she does, I don’t detail my every action of every day like she does. I don’t usually feel like I need to ask Mom and Dad for help, support or advice for every little thing I do. If I need anything, I usually go to my friends first because I can relate better, they understand better. I’m content this way, and that’s fine. But her reaction will undoubtedly be a little pushy — something I don’t want.

* * *

I’ve been having my sister read my college essays as I work through them so that she can offer suggestions. I just finished an essay in which I mentioned “sexuality being questioned”. It’s my way of subtly dropping the bomb without it going off. I take pride in being vague.¬†Who am I referring to when I write about the “questioning” of sexuality, or when I relate it to something “tormenting”? It’s probably me, since it’s my college essay, but I never downright say so. It’s open interpretation. I know that she’ll be smart enough to know it’s me, but I don’t need to deplete all my energy by formally coming out.

Flash forward, kind of

Apparently I dream about my sexual orientation quite frequently, as this blog has several of my accounts from past slumbers.

I took a nap today, and I had a dream where my mom referenced something about my being bisexual (which I’m not), and how it was perfectly find that I also liked girls. But I remember being kind of confused and even a little irritated that she thought I liked boys and girls, when really it’s only girls. (This is not something I’d be so concerned about in real life, seeing as she said it was okay to be bisexual, but you can’t control your dream self’s feelings).

I woke up a couple hours later confused (ha). I quickly distinguished between dream and reality, but it’s good to know what’s coming, kind of.

Empowering songs

I came across a couple songs today that I just can’t get out of my head. So I thought I’d leave them here to share them with everyone!

“Boys in the Street” by Everyone Is Gay. Tom Hanks tweeted this link today, calling it “a perfect song”. I agree.

“Everyone Is Gay” by A Great Big World. I love every lyric and the entire video.